Copycat Avocado Toast #1: Centertown Market at Caribbean Beach

Avocado Toast is, or was, trendy. Unfortunately, I’m too old to know or care! I just know that it is quick to make, relatively filling, easy to personalize, and definitely tasty. Disney has jumped aboard with several variations. This one is so simple, you could make it in your room! We probably even will on our next trip, while staying at Caribbean Beach!

As you can tell, a quick Google image search turns up tons of beautiful photos. I assume the ones with radishes are from an older version. Check out the menu description:

Centertown Market avocado toast

Pretty simple, right? Except…. pickled onions. How are we going to get those? My local grocery store doesn’t carry them.

Thanks to another Google search, I learned how to quickly pickle onions with only a few ingredients/ steps, as outlined by

I thinly sliced my red onion.

I packed them in to my leftover Taco Bell sauce jar! I think it is a 15oz glass jar. I then covered the onion in hot hot hot water (microwaved for 3 minutes. I am assuming you could use water heated in a coffee pot, too) for a minute. I went longer than the recipe said because I’m a wuss with red onions! After that minute, I drained the water off as carefully as I could.

1 ½ tsp kosher salt and lime juice to cover. Then, give it a good shake (lid on, of course). Into the fridge till tomorrow!

Aren’t they a gorgeous shade of pink now? 😍 I couldn’t believe it!

While the toast was toasting, I got together my toppings. We eat a low carb diet, so I only used 1.5 tiny slices of mandarin orange (from the kids snack pack – they ate the rest!) and 2 cherry tomatoes, both of which I sliced very finely. I also used low carb bread! I couldn’t find Sriracha in the fridge, so a dollop of hot sauce got mixed in with my 1-2T mayo (Mr. Mouse got 3 dollops). Half of an avocado cubed, salted and peppered, along with cilantro and pickled onion completed my prepped plate.

Then, I just followed along from the pictures I had seen. Mayo, avocado, tomatoes, mandarin, onion, cilantro, done!

And it was delicious! The little bits of sweet tomato and mandarin played well with the sour onion and spicy mayo. The creamy salty avocado brought everything together. It was a perfect breakfast – every bite a little bit different.

What is your favorite avocado toast? Have you ever eaten it at Disney?


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