Crafting your own kitchen towels adds a bit of Mickey to the mundane

I really wanted a cute set of tea towels to go along with us, as I knew there would be plenty of dishes in my vacation future. I had the semi-genius idea to make my own tea towels. After a quick Google search, I learned that I needed 1 yard of 100% cotton fabric to make 4 towels (which became 2 towels once I realized my paint bled through… but they are thicker, so no harm- no foul!) I ran out to Joann the next morning and picked up this super cute white on white polka dot fabric for less than $5. It made me think of Minnie Mouse! It felt thick, like a tea towel should, and the lady at the cutting counter seemed to agree that it should do the job.

Once home, I’ll be honest, I sat on this project for a long time. I was so afraid to screw it up. Then, I finally got up the courage to start it, but didn’t plan out my design well. Either way, I think it is still cute.

I grabbed some fabric paint, a Mickey cookie cutter, stale bread, a banana, some mini marshmallows, and a knife and got to work. I used the cookie cutter to cut a piece of bread into a Mickey shape and used that to stamp along the top. I cut the banana into circles and ovals to stamp polka dots and zigzags. Mini marshmallows were perfect ear stamps for banana circle Mickey heads.

Bread stamp with black sparkle fabric paint.

I think it actually looks kinda neat.
Finishing stamping across with my bread. It got a bit soggy, but I did get 6 stamps out of 1 slice, which isn’t too shabby.
Getting ready for banana polka dots.
One half of my fabric was yellow polka dots evenly spaced.
On the other half, I made a banana zigzag.
Banana cut on an angle gives you ovals.
Bottom half with an evenly scattered design. Top half a bit more patterned.
I think the black, red, and yellow are very Mickey like.
Funny how mini marshmallows and a banana look like Mickey.

Once the fabric paint dried for several days, I was ready to finish off the project. I cut the piece in to 4 equal segments by first folding it in half vertically, then horizontally and cutting along each folded line. I stacked 2 towels together (the paint showed through too much, so by stacking them together, they look so much more finished) and sewed a roll seam around all the edges.

Fold it in half, then in half again.

Then cut along the folded sides.
Originally I was going to make 4 towels, but didn’t love the way the paint showed through on the back. I ended up stacking 2 towels together, then doing the roll seam here, where you fold the fabric edge over ½”, then fold it over another ½”and sew along the edge.
Here is a complete tea towel.
Both towels complete. They aren’t perfect, but they are festive, fun, and frugal!
My towels all set up in a corner of the sink area. How cute is that?

Have you ever made your own kitchen towels? Have you ever made your own stamps? We would love to hear from you!


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