Quickly upgrade your Magic Bands with nail polish

For a quick craft, grab some nail polish and upgrade your Magic Bands. Glitter nail polish and solids (especially black, white, red) can create a variety of looks in minutes. I tend to buy whatever polish I can find in the $1-$2 range, although I did splurge for the mermaid green($3!)

For a Belle theme, I painted the face a yellow band with red nail polish, and gave the yellow a nice coat with silver glitter polish.

Nemo started with an orange band, a few wider white stripes, and thin black lines.

For my Ariel band, green mermaid sparkle polish covers the band and the Mickey face is painted purple on a red face.

For the Mickey theme band, a red magic band pops with black polish on the Mickey head.

The pink/ purple bands each got a layer of glitter polish.

The next purple band got an Ariel update with red polish Mickey head and green mermaid polish face.

Finally, Miss V. Mouse’s dreams came true with this Frozen theme band- a blue band covered in silver sparkles.

These hold up pretty well to daily use, although you probably want to avoid using them in the pool, as chlorine tends to destroy nail polish.

Have you ever decorated your own Magic Bands?


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