Who we are

Many years ago (or 5), our little family took a trip to Disney and we fell in love. There were just 3 of us back then, Mr. Mouse, Mrs. Mouse, and E. Mouse.
We got a king sized bed room at Pop Century (I *thought* we were too good for the All Stars then… little did I know!) and enjoyed how roomy it was with just one pack n play. Fast forward a few years, we have added V. Mouse and T. Mouse, and this Disney obsessed family is searching Priceline for good deals, trying to squeeze as much fun as we can AND as many vacations as we can out of every single dollar. Enter Mickey Ears 4 Minnie Money. This is our family’s labor of love and hopefully gift to you, our reader. Please take a little time and read about how we make our trips as affordable and enjoyable as we possibly can. You might even learn a thing or two. There is no right way to do a Disney trip, so we welcome your feedback and look forward to getting to know you along this journey!

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