Doing laundry means packing less!

If you are trying to pack light to avoid paying excessive luggage fees, have little ones in your group who make messes quickly, soak your shoes in a rain storm, or only own a few items of clothing, you may need to do laundry at Disney. While doing laundry doesn’t seem that magical, walking around naked under the hot Florida sun is very un-magical!

Thankfully, access to laundry facilities is abundant and you need not worry. A simple check on your resort map should show you exactly where they are. Typically, they are located near the swimming pools.

We usually drag all our laundry down, start the wash and go swim. In 34 minutes, I move everything to the dryer while the rest of the Mouse family plays in the water. That runs for 60 minutes, then we have fresh clean laundry!

Things you need to know:

  • You will need your magic band to open the door.
  • You can purchase boxes of laundry detergent for $1 each. Each box will do 1 load. The machine to purchase detergent takes credit card.
  • If you can remember to bring your own laundry detergent pods, you will save yourself big money!
  • The washers are small. They only hold about half of a typical load. They run for 34 minutes. You can choose the water temperature. They cost $3/ load.
  • The dryer’s hold a decent amount. You can fit 2 washers worth of clothing and they still have everything dry in 60 minutes. You can choose temperature. They cost $3/load.
  • To pay for your loads, there is a machine off to the side of the room. It takes debit or credit card. You select which washer or dryer you are using and pay to start it. With dryers, you can choose to do 5 or 10 minutes, the typical 60 minutes, or even 65 minutes. 60 minutes will cost you $3, while I believe 5 minutes is $.25.
  • Once you pay for your loads, you go over to the machine, select temperature, and press start.
  • There is a website you can go to if you would like to check the status of your load. That website is listed on the wall in the laundry room
Plenty of options for laundry at Caribbean Beach! A room by each quiet pool.


If you would like more help planning your Disney vacation, contact our friend Audra, a travel agent with Travelmation LLC, which is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. She can help you plan the vacation of your dreams at no cost to you!

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