Move over Casey’s Corner… There is a new hotdog in town

Hotdogs are yummy and cheap to make for a crowd… unless you are at Disney. A single hotdog with fries at Casey’s Corner on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom will run you around $10. Add a soft drink and you will be paying $14 for a plain hotdog combo. Even if you luck out with the free- dining promotion, that can be hard to swallow.

If you have read my article on cooking in your hotel room, then you can probably already guess that this is a post all about making hotdogs in your slow cooker back in the room. Hotdog water hotdogs are really where it is at. They are soft and juicy, just as they should be. Warming up chili in your 20 oz crock to drizzle all over the top takes this meal from mundane and expected to vacation worthy.

Simply place your hotdogs in the crock, add enough hot hot hot tap water to cover dogs, cover with lid, turn on high, and come back in 2 hours to plump, juicy, delicious hotdogs.

Open you can of hotdog chili and pour into your small crock… Don’t forget to pack a can opener, ok?! Cover with lid and cook 2 hours, stirring after one hour. For thicker chili, remove the lid in the last half hour.

All set. In 2 hours we eat!

The hotdogs are steaming. The chili is thick and delicious!

Hotdog smothered in ketchup, mustard, mayo, chili, cheese (You brought a cheese grater with you, I hope! And you raided your fridge at home for fast food condiment packs. You have learned so much from me already!) For those of you from the Grand Rapids area, these made me think about Yesterdog.

Oh yes, vacation style side – Cheese balls!

Don’t you just want a bite? Seriously, no need to pay $14 for a hotdog combo… ever!

As we were eating lunch, I developed a theory to answer the age old question: “Why do they have 10 hotdog in a package but buns come in sets of 8?”

At what point in time in their life do people usually make hotdogs? When you have little kids! Don’t little kids usually just eat the hotdog cut up, sans bun? My littlest sure does AND he eats 2 of them. See, that’s what you do with the last 2 hotdogs! Now you can sleep at night!

What is your theory on the extra hotdogs? Have you ever made slow cooker hotdogs on vacation? We would love to hear from you!


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