Insanely cheap flights when you fly frontier

I would love to introduce you to an almost unbelievable hack, introduced to me by my good friend Jen. Jen and I used to work together until she convinced her hubby to move their family down to Orlando. Her family is even larger than mine, so this girl has learned all sorts of fun money saving tricks to bring her family back home to Michigan.

I will be honest. I didn’t believe her at first on this one.  It almost sounded too good to be true. But after a Google search, then trying it out myself, I knew I had to share with you the most amazing money saving  hack!

Most importantly, this ONLY (to my knowledge) works with Frontier Airlines.

Did you know that when you book your flights online with Frontier, they add a sneaky little fee, just for the ease of booking online? See my screenshot below.

To see if, I went through the entire booking process on their website (the app won’t show you this break down). On the final page, I opened up under EXTRAS the taxes and imposed fees. A little fee called the CIC – carrier interface charge pops up. This charge is the fee you pay just for the convenience of booking online. But, how do you circumvent that fee?

  • Decide which flights you would like to take. Go through the entire booking process but DON’T ACTUALLY PAY!  Subtract the CIC. Does this seem like a price you would like to pay? If yes, continue on.
  • When does Frontier fly out of your local airport next? At my airport, they typically only have 1 flight per day. The desk is only staffed from 2 hours to 45 minutes prior to that flight.
  • Grab a friend. Plan to have them drop you off about 55 minutes prior to the flight of the day’s departure. Ask them to circle the airport while you do big business.
  • Approach to desk. Be respectful of last minute people who are trying to get on their plane. Ask the desk agent if they are able to book your future flight.
  • Save big money!
  • Go home and start planning your trip.

I booked our family of 6 (5 seats and a lap child) round trip from Grand Rapids to Orlando in April for a total of $242. Not per person. Noooo… five seats!

Yes, you have to pay for practically everything on this airline, but, you are able to bring 1 backpack per person, as long as it fits below the seat in front of you, for free. And we have succeeded at fitting everything in past trips in those back packs. If you do need to bring a bag or two, they are $30 each when purchased in advance. We plan on buying 1 for the way down and 2 for the way back. At $90, that still brings out total up to $332, which is super cheap!

How have you found cheap airfare in the past? Are you willing to take a little road trip to the airport before your next flight?


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