Mickey & Minnie Bagels: Disney Day Breakfast

Today is Disney day at our house. E.Mouse doesn’t have school today and I don’t have to work. It is a day dedicated to everything Mickey, so stay tuned for more posts from the day.

To start the day out right, you need a filling breakfast. The easier it is to prep, the more time you have to spend doing your Mickey activities. We are bagel fans at our house, so this was a real winner for us!

What you will need:

Regular and mini sized bagels of any flavor you like

Cream cheese (I whipped mine in the mixer last night, as I was already whipping cream cheese up for another project. A whisk attachment on your mixer and a few minutes time gives you light and fluffy, delicious cream cheese!)

Strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, chives, or any other fruit/ veggies/ herbs you desire

You will need half of a regular bagel and one mini bagel for each face. Feel free to toast bagels if you desire. (I prefer mine chewy, so I rarely toast mine.) Then, slather on your cream cheese.

Get your fruit/ veggies/ herbs all sliced up. I cut the end off the strawberries then sliced them in half. The cherry tomatoes just got sliced in half. My kitchen scissors made quick work of the chives.

Now get creative and start putting your fruit on top. Kids will love helping out with placing blueberry polka dots on their breakfast. E.Mouse decided her blueberries would be a necklace on her Minnie cinnamon bagel.

V. Mouse wanted hers with just a strawberry bow. It looks pretty tasty to me.

Mr. Mouse got a tomato bow tie and chopped chive over top. I may have been a bit more generous with the cream cheese for us grown ups.

And I have a Minnie bow and chives on an everything bagel! Yum!

What do you think? Would your kids enjoy Mickey and Minnie bagels for breakfast? Or would you eat them alone without the kids? I think this would be a fun and fast recipe to make in your Disney hotel room to get you ready for a fun day at the parks or pool.


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