Making soap out of soap!

It seems that I always come home from vacation with bar soap from the hotel. This last visit, the Mousekeeper brought us 3 extra bars on accident. What do I do with all this soap? We never use bar soap.

Thanks to Google, I found that you can make liquid soap out of bar soap.

Grate your soap over a small saucepan.

Measure how much soap you have and add double that amount of water. I had about 1/2 cup of soap, so I added 1 cup of water.

Heat for about 5 minutes on medium low, whisking often.

Once fully incorporated, place pan in an ice bath and whisk every minute or so. Once cool, add more water if it is to thick, whisking well. Once you reach the consistency you need, place back on the stove just long enough to make sure that all the soap is melted together, then place back in ice bath. Whisk every minute or so until cool.

Prep a soap container. I rinsed out an empty soap dispenser and removed the labels. I was going to cut out cute Mickey heads, but remember we have tons of stickers left from vacation. I covered the stickers on each side with a bit of clear contact paper.

Use a funnel to pour your soap into your dispenser.

This one bar made enough for 2 dispensers. Enjoy your homemade soap from a bar of soap! The smell will remind you of vacation.


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