Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery!

We have talked about saving money by prepping food in your room. In the past we have had Amazon delivery and found it to be pricey. We have had instacart delivery Aldi and enjoyed that, but found that the shoppers weren’t always reliable.

On our last vacation, we found Walmart grocery delivery and were thrilled with it! So thrilled, that once we got home, we payed for a full year membership. Let me tell you, we don’t regret it one bit! With your membership, you get deals on gas, free shipping on, and grocery delivery, fees waved.

We really like that whatever price it is in the app, is the same price it is in store. Also, there is no outsourced “shopper”. Your order is filled by Walmart store employees. They know the store well and tend to not miss as many items as we found with instacart. Delivery is then done by doordash, or another driver services. When you tip, that goes to your driver.

By getting groceries delivered, we have been able to eat REAL food, not just theme park hamburgers.

Of course.. this doesn’t look like a great example, but it really is. Mr. Mouse made us homemade cheese sauce for our hot dogs. Talk about delicious. No plastic cheese here! Just real cream, cheese, and seasonings.

We ate this meal in the quick service dining room at our resort. A delicious taco casserole topped with sour cream and guacamole. I’m pretty sure it was the envy of the room.

We get creative with our food and are able to enjoy great meals for great prices. Walmart grocery delivery is a big part of how we do that! Feel free to check out the link and we both get $10!


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