Why you should take little kids to Mickey Castle

“At what age should you first take your kids to Disney?”

“Why do you take your kids when they can’t even remember?”

“Isn’t it just a giant waste of money?”

“Don’t they just have to sit there and do nothing?”

People have a lot of preconceived notions about a Disney vacation. Let me answer some of these questions with our family’s rationale.

December 2014. E. Mouse was 14 months old.

“At what age should you first take your kids to Disney?”

Gosh, we have been taking our kids since the very beginning. The youngest any of our kids went was V. Mouse at 4 weeks old. T. Mouse went at 10 weeks. At that age, they snuggle up in a carrier and don’t do much of anything. I would assume newborns are easier to take than 6 month old babies, because they are starting to wonder about the world too much! That said, there really isn’t an age I would say is bad to bring to Disney!

November 2015. E. Mouse was 2 years old. V. Mouse was just 4 weeks old! She lived in that carrier.

“Why do you take your kids when they can’t even remember?”

We have three answers for this one:

1. How sure are you that they won’t remember? Since her second trip, E.Mouse got on the Magical Express bus at MCO and knew what to do! We had shown her some pictures before that trip and talked with her about “Mickey Castle” (as we call it at our house). She even potty trained herself the next year! You can’t be hugging Mickey and all the princesses in a diaper!

September 2016. Just before E. Mouse turned 3, so she was still free. V. Mouse was 11 months old.

2. People think Disney is for kids… but maybe, just maybe, we go to Disney because WE (Mr. Mouse and I) like to go! We love the rides. We love the food. We love the environment. Most of all, we love creating memories with our family. Even if our children can’t remember, we have the photos and memories to share with them later. That is so worth it!

September 2017. E. Mouse turned 4 on this trip. V. Mouse was 23 months old. T. Mouse was 10 weeks old. We brought help this trip.

“Isn’t it just a giant waste of money?”

3. Children under the age of 2 fly free. Children under the age of 3 get into the parks for free and are free at buffets. If you can go on vacation and not pay for your kids, why not! We like to sneak in as many Disney vacations as we can before our kids turn 3!

December 2018. E. Mouse was 5 years old. V. Mouse was 3 years old. We had so many meal credits that it wasn’t funny. T. Mouse was 16 months old.

“Don’t they just have to sit there and do nothing?”

Disney is a theme park. They have some amazing roller coasters and scary rides. But first and foremost, they are a family park. There are so many rides that the whole family can ride together. Even brand new babies.

Take a peak at WDW’s height requirements before you visit so the little ones don’t get their hopes up unnecessarily! My girls love to be measured before we go. We talk about what new rides they can ride that year and look at pictures/ videos of them online. It adds so much to the excitement!

When I was 26 weeks pregnant with E. Mouse, Mr. Mouse and I took a trip to Disneyland.

What do you think about taking littles to Disney? Do you have any raging questions I can answer for you? We want to hear from you!!!

If you want to know more about breastfeeding at Disney, check out our article on that!


If you would like more help planning your Disney vacation, contact our friend Audra, a travel agent with Travelmation LLC, which is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. She can help you plan the vacation of your dreams at no cost to you!


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