Dessert is extra important at Disney

If you aren’t going to be eating at Disney restaurants because you are making your own meals, you have to remember dessert! It is the most important meal of the day, unless you are counting Breakfast.

It needs to be easy, though. You really don’t want to be slaving away on vacation. It also needs to be impressive enough to be a vacation worthy dessert.

Banana Pudding easily fits the bill for us. It comes together quickly when vanilla pudding is layered with Nilla wafers and banana slices, then topped with whipped cream. Refrigerate a few hours and it is ready to go. Leftovers make a perfect brunch item (I mean, there are bananas and milk in there!)

Nilla wafers, bananas, pudding, Nilla wafers, bananas, pudding, whipped cream.

Birthday trifle is another family favorite. I made it for T. Mouse’s first birthday party with leftover cookies from a vacation. Since then, it has made appearances at several other events. The simple version layers chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos) with chocolate pudding, soft chocolate chip cookies (like chips ahoy) and topped off with whipped cream. The longer this sits in the fridge, the better it gets. The cookies soften and become almost cake like in the pudding.

Ready to dive in!

If only the lighting was better. Oreo, pudding, chips ahoy, pudding, oreo, pudding, whipped cream

Whipped cream is such a versatile and necessary dessert ingredient. It isn’t always easy to store in your teeny tiny mini fridge, though. Especially since there is no freezer! It is super simple to make your own in a jar, though. Add heavy whipping cream to your shopping list and pack some powdered sugar and a Mason jar (or just save one from your meal prep and wash it out real well). Fill your jar about half way with heavy cream, add a few tablespoons of powdered sugar, close the lid, and shake! In about 5 minutes you should have fluffy whipped cream. Make sure you open it up and check frequently or you may end up with butter!


If you would like more help planning your Disney vacation, contact our friend Audra, a travel agent with Travelmation LLC, which is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. She can help you plan the vacation of your dreams at no cost to you!

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