Coronado Crafting- piñatas from room staples.

Coronado Springs is designed to celebrate our neighbors to the south. There are 3 distinct design areas within the resort: ranchos (more of a southwest vibe- cactus and sand), casitas (romantic reflection pools), and cabanas (bright Caribbean colors). The pool area is set up as a dig site for a Mayan pyramid.

A fun craft to coordinate with this hotel is to make cup piñatas.

We intended to do this craft while staying at Disney, but got too busy relaxing on our nno-park trip! Apologies that I don’t have the WDW paper cups to demonstrate with! Thankfully, paper, cups, and coasters are pretty easily found at Disney.

You will need:


Scissors (not necessary, but helpful)


String (dental floss would work!)


Paper coasters from under the glass cups in your room (or just paper)

Paper (this is a great way to use up coloring pages you are about to throw out)


To make:

Fill your cup with candy. Glue around the edge of the coaster, making sure that you are glueing in far enough to get glue on the edge of the cup.

Place the coaster on top of the cup and press down. Flip over.

Cut slits in the coaster all around the cup. Fold edges up. You may need to tape them to keep them secure.

Cut or tear up whatever paper you have around into about 1″x1″squares. We used coloring pages.

Give the kids a glue stick and let them attach pieces of paper all around their piñatas.

This keeps the house pretty quiet for a little bit.

And let’s them get out some creativity.

Once they are all done (my girls slapped a few stickers in- while they were at it), tightly tie a piece of string sound the top. You may want to reinforce it with tape or glue. Let it dry minimally over night.

Watch it hang! Yay for a piñata!

I soooo wish I had pictures of the girls busting their piñatas open. Unfortunately, my littles were naughty and woke up early to do piñatas while mommy Mouse slept. It sure looks like they had fun, though.


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