Adventure is out there!

I love Up! The story reminds us to not wait for life to happen. We just need to live it and now! I have gotten caught up on the idea of waiting for the perfect time to do this or that far too many times. So here is a fun craft project that reminds me to live my life now! (Which is why we are doing this Disney blog and visiting so often!)

What I used:


Gorilla tape


2 cutting boards

Box cutter

White paper

White glue


White flannel (or whatever white fabric you have laying around)

I only used what we had around the house for an inexpensive art project.

The inspiration for my art was how Ellie paints their house into the picture of Paradise Falls.

I decided to draw a picture of our house in our happy place, Disney World!

I started by sketching on the flannel

And adding lots more details and color!

Don’t forget the balloons! There is no other way our house could get there.

I added some roads, grass, some of our favorite Disney things!

If T. Mouse hadn’t moved the fabric, you would have seen me tracing the fabric on the box.

I then cut about an inch in from my outline, through both layers of box, using my heavy duty cutting board as a guide.

I could have painted the box white. But I didn’t feel like searching for paint! So 2 layers of paper and glue did the job

By having the paper overhang the edge, it helped make a nicer edge for the finished product. This part took 2 people… taping the paper over the edge to the back.


Now we started to stretch the fabric around our frame. We worked together on opposite sides, working at the mirror spot of each other each time. Once we were done with that, we taped completely around the edge and taped on a piece of ribbon to hang it with.

Hanging in our bathroom, with the Up! shower curtain we have.

This is my happy place! I will probably mode podge it to keep it from getting damp/ moldy in the bathroom. But for now, I will just enjoy looking at it!

Where is your happy place? Does Up! inspire you?


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