Pirate crafts keep little hands extra busy: Turning trash into Pirate treasure.

Midday gets super hot down in Orlando. The UV index hits 10 and you can fry bacon on the sidewalk. It is the perfect time of day to put little ones down for a nap. Unfortunately, that leaves older siblings bored. We all know what bored in a hotel can lead to- bickering, fighting, bouncing off the walls. Thankfully, Mommy thought ahead!

Staying in the pirate rooms at Caribbean Beach gave me the idea to have a pirate craft day. I saved Aldi pringles cans from throughout the trip, paper cups, all the stickers Cast Members give the kids, a few plastic hanger tops and foil from home, and various this n that’s to give the girls lots of space to be creative. (I packed a pencil case with glue, scissors, tape, gems, sequins, etc…)

To make spyglasses, I started by cutting the metal end off the chip cans.

I then cut the bottom off the cup and fit the cup into the can. A quick go round of tape and the spyglass was ready for the girls to coat in whatever stickers, etc… they wanted!
V. Mouse getting ready to craft.
Snacking and stickers kept these girls happy, quiet, and fight free for a long long time!
Treasure chests made from felt. To make 2 chests, I used 3 pieces of felt. I cut one piece in half and glued around the edges to make a pocket, then cut curved edges around it to make it look more like a chest. A few swipes of glue just above the pocket and the girls could add tons of gems, sequins, and bits of foil for treasure. V. Mouse filled her pocket with coasters and popsicle sticks.
You can see the girls adding their gems to the chests. The hooks are also seen here. I cut a slit in the top of the cup, wrapped the top of a kid’s hanger in foil, and stuck it through the slit. Bits of string and black foam made for extremely sparkly eye patches once the girls got their hands on some glue.
I grabbed a few maps from the front desk, tore the edges off, and made an X marks the spot!
Pirate V, hook in hand, spyglass and eye patch ready to go! Mommy Mouse hid the treasure chests and 2 pirates need to go find them.
It sure is hard to see out of your spyglass when it is backwards and your eye is covered with a patch.
Off we go. Following the map.
Pirate E prefers a bandanna on her head to an eye patch.
Getting closer.
Off through the sand.
Almost found the treasure.
There it is!
Pirate V is super excited to find her treasure!
Now for pirate E to find her treasure chest.
Through the pool.
In the Spyglass restaurant, behind the plinko game.
Showing off all her pirate gear.
See mine!
Mom, this was so cool!

The fabulous part of this craft was that they played with it for a few days. When we came home, I was able to throw it all away and not feel like I wasted anything. They can make new spyglasses and hooks at home easily, and for the most part, everything we used to make it was trash turned into pirate treasure!

Have you ever taken a craft on vacation? How about going on a pirate treasure hunt? Let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.


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