Have you ever ventured to Port Orleans, French Quarter? After lunch in Disney Springs we braved getting lost and two boats to reach the Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory for the sole purpose of sampling beignets.

Beignets are New Orlean’s answer to doughnuts. Light, fluffy dough, fried to perfection, right in front of your face. A sprinkle of powdered sugar tops off these beauties. They can be served with warm chicory coffee sauce, caramel, or raspberry sauce.

Three beignets for $4.49, or you can use a snack credit

Six beignets for $6.79

Each sauce is $1.99

The lady behind me in line was from New Orleans. She said these are about as authentic as you can get.

We devoured these! The Mouse family finished off a dozen beignets in mere minutes. One cup of dipping sauce was plenty for all these sweet, puffy, pillowy soft beignets.

The chicory coffee sauce is super chocolatey and a bit bitter. The perfect accompaniment to a sweet treat.

This poor table never saw us coming!

See, the perfect amount of sauce for a dozen beignets!

Great news. If you have your refillable mug with you, there are Coke Freestyles and the options are practically limitless.

Mr.. Mouse made a huge mess!

These beignets were worth the trip and we will definitely make the trek again as soon as we can.

Have you ever eaten a beignet? What was your favorite dipping sauce? How many could you eat?


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