Mice for breakfast

We love a good Toad in the Hole at our house. While this isn’t something you could easily do in your hotel room (although, I mentioned that to Mr. Mouse and the wheels in his head started turning), it never hurts to bring a little magic into your day. E.Mouse was a big fan of helping out.

Mice in a Hole

Press a Mickey cutter firmly through each slice of bread.

Here is a nice cookie cutter if you don’t have one!

This set has 5 different sizes and is awesome, too!

Then, take a cheesy photo. It’s ok, though. Mice like cheese.

Melt butter over medium low heat. Add slices of bread and toast.

Almost there

Remove Mickey centers from each slice. Flip each slice of bread over. Add a bit more butter. Crack an egg into each hole. Salt/ pepper to taste. Once the egg white is mostly set…

Gently flip slices over. If you would like a runny egg, only let it set on the second side for 10 seconds or so. If you like a firmer yolk, let it sit longer.

Flip back over into a plate. Arrange the Mickey head on top. Hand to your child. Watch it be devoured!

Cheesy Breakfast Mice

If you would like to be a bit extra fancy, try the cheesy version! Once you have flipped your piece of bread (this one doesn’t need a Mickey hole), add slices of cheese. Allow it to melt, open faced.

Make sure you are still following the directions above for the Mickey Toad in a hole

Once your cheese is melted and your egg is cooked, stack them together. Top with your Mickey dipper

And dip dip dip!

Now take a bite and watch that cheese start to melt over the edges. Soooo good!

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