Making tip envelopes

In this day and age, we are pretty terrible at carrying cash on us. Like, ever. In the past, I have talked about how it is really kind to tip your Magical Express driver, your Mousekeeper, and anyone who delivers something to you (bell service, etc…). To be honest, we haven’t been great at following that advice. This trip, we made it a priority.

Before we headed down, I made up a packet for making up tip envelopes. A gallon size zipper bag filled with stickers, enough envelopes, cash, and a pen (which we forgot! Eeeek!) should do the trick. I grabbed the envelopes and stickers at the Dollar Tree! I have shared in the past that E and V Mouse are in Montessori school. This project was fabulous for the girls. I had a bunch of $1 bills. They practiced counting the bills, putting them in the envelopes, E got to write ‘Thank You’ on each one, and V got to decorate. Each day, they were super excited to lay out the next envelope. Your tip doesn’t need to be huge. A couple dollars each day should be sufficient. Setting it aside a few weeks before, or saving your dollar bills as you make change,  really can take the sting out of feeling like your vacation is so expensive. Do make sure to label your envelopes well and set them in an easy to reach area. The Mousekeepers can’t take them if they aren’t sure that it is for them!

Have you ever made tip envelopes? What do you think about it?


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