STK on a budget

If you have wandered around Disney Springs, you have probably seen STK. STK (or steak. They seem to really like taking vowels off the menu to be extra trendy. Burgers are BRG’s) is a super high end restuarant that is way out of our food budget. It’s the kind of place where side dishes are priced separately (minimum $13 each!) and you can’t find the price for pop on the menu, so you drink water instead.

At lunch time, they do have one thing on the menu that we can afford. Monday through Friday, you can get the Linz angus cheeseburger and chips for $10.

When I first read about this burger, the Mouse family was on vacation, visiting family. We had to drive all through the night to get there. I was trying to keep Mr. Mouse awake, so we learned all about Linz burgers. If you buy them from the company, they are $6 a patty! Wagyu hot dogs are like $3 each. This is some pricey beef!

So it was settled. We needed to try these burgers. We also needed to find something affordable for the kids.

Thankfully, kids meals are $10. The first on the menu is the STK little cheeseburgers – 2 mini burgers and fries. We had just eaten breakfast, so figured the girls could easily split this. The waiter brought us a couple smaller plates so we could easily accomplish that.

V. Mouse decided to steal some of my chips. Oh well. I got her fries! She loved the bun. Crazy girl would eat a bun with ketchup on it every day if I would let her. She did enjoy the meat, with encouragement.

E. Mouse devoured her burger and fries. She did share some fruits with T. Mouse (on vacation, he refuses to eat anything but potatoes).

I got mine without onion. Mr. Mouse got his with bacon added (for $3). The bacon tasted like ham to me. He seemed to enjoy it.

Cooked medium. I would do medium rare next time. Dipped in ketchup and slathered in mayo, this was a delicious burger. Mr. Mouse’s was overcooked, so he wasn’t as thrilled as I was.

For $33 before taxes and tip, we all had super full tummies. Not bad when a side of lobster mac n cheese is $36 on the menu.

Have you ever been to STK? Have you researched Linz and Wagyu beef?


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