Tacos! For breakfast? Sign me up!

Sometimes, I am surprised that Mr. Mouse is willing to go along with my hair brained schemes. Yeah, this meal really shocked me! I have taken this man off the deeeeep end!

Meet breakfast tacos. They are a staple at our house. Scrambled eggs, bacon or crumbled sausage, cheese, sour cream, hot sauce. Simple and oh so delicious. Come to find out, they are pretty easy to make on the road, too.

Set your cooker on high and allow it to heat up with the lid on. Once hot, butter the edges/ bottom and pour in however many whisked up eggs you want and a nice pinch of salt. Don’t worry if you make too many. Leftover scrambled eggs make amazing egg salad sandwiches!

Whisk every once in a while, covering between. They should be done in about 20 -25 minutes.

While you are at it, get your bacon or sausage warming up in your dipper.

Once your eggs and meat are done, it’s time to prep your tortillas. Every good breakfast taco chef knows that warm tortillas are best. Wrap a few of them at a time in that foil I told you to bring.

Then iron them! Really. I’m not lying! Turn that iron on high and glide over those tortillas a few times. Flip the pack over and do it again. At this point, Mr. Mouse barely even batted an eyelash at me. I think he is growing accustom to my antics.

Your meal is ready to serve! Grate fresh cheese over top and add a few dollops of sour cream. Don’t forget the hot sauce packets you sourced from the bottom of your fridge.

I bet you can’t wait to eat one!

Here is where Mr. Mouse went on his own crazy tangent. With a bit of butter, he turned his taco into grilled, stuffed tacos. They just need a bit more time under the iron to get all golden, brown, and delicious!


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