Saving money on souvenirs- take a picture, it’ll last longer!

One of my best kept secrets for saving money has to do with souvenirs.

When my kids see anything at a store, they want to buy it. Can you blame them? Everything at Disney is so tempting.

But let’s be honest. Money is limited, and so is space.

There is always going to be something more amazing after they get whatever they can’t live without right now.

So we have started taking pictures with items we want.

As we near the end of the trip, we can look back on pictures and decide what they still really want.

The funny thing is, the girls now just think it is fun to take pictures with things. They don’t care as much about actually getting the item, as we have a picture for later. They even ask to take pictures with things at stores at home.

It has taken so much stress out of taking our kids into stores. Yes, I can take a picture of you with it!

Do you have any sneaky tricks for saving money on souvenirs?


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