Star Wars week: Deviled Baby Yoda Eggs

To finish the week out strong, I wanted something tasty and adorable. And what is more adorable than Baby Yoda? Off to internet google land and there were all these images of sweet Baby Yoda deviled eggs. I did a I typically do (which usually works out well for me) and briefly glanced at a few pictures, then started making eggs.

Batch 1: They did not turn out well! They were runny. All my egg lids cracked. They looked more like Baby Jabba the Hutts.

Batch 2: They were a bit closer. My egg lids still cracked. The ears were impossible. I only got 2 decent Baby Yodas out of the whole batch. At least the leftovers made edible green egg salad sandwiches…

Batch 3: I started by reading the instructions before jumping in this time… check out below to see how well my research worked.

I started by gathering my ingredients.

We started with 18 hard boiled eggs. We cut them all in half, then added the yolks to a separate bowl. Once the yolks were all mashed, we added 2T lime juice, a heavy pinch of salt, 1 medium avocado, and ½ cup of mayo. We mashed that up, then tasted and adjusted seasonings (More salt? More lime?). You will want this mixture to be pretty stiff, so that you can pipe it and have it stay in place in your egg. If it tastes too dry, you can add a tiny bit more mayo, though.

We chose to dye our filing to match our yoda ears.

After about 10 drops of yellow and 10 drops of green, our yolks were finally green enough!

We put a quart size bag in a cup, flipped the edges out, and filled with the lovely green yolk. Then, we snipped the corner off so we could easily pipe.

Some crafty knife work, and Baby Yoda has plenty of crunchy ears!

This top egg was made by slicing the egg in half, then filling with yolk, poking snow peas in for ears, then adding caper eyes and half a pea sideways for a mouth.

This is what I was missing, though, in my previous renditions for Baby Yoda in his pod! As you can see, you slice an egg in half, then in half again. Rest the ¼ egg atop a pile of yummy yolk. I had been trying to just cut ¼ of the white off, and everything was ripping as I attempted to scoop the yolk out. This worked much better.

Lots of variety in our Baby Yodas. It was pretty enjoyable this time, cooking with Mr. Mouse.

Some look evil…. they are deviled, though. Some just look like bugs.

They do look yummy, though!

Baby Yoda eggs make a tasty addition to steak and veggies!

Cowboy T. Mouse thinks they are great.

Ommm nom nom

Avocado and lime was a fabulous way to change up the flavor of our typical deviled eggs, as well as get some veggies and natural green color in there! He never caught on to the ears being veggies, either! They just added a crisp element that deviled eggs often lack.

Have you switched it up with your deviled eggs before? What is your favorite variation?


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