Copycat Avocado Toast #2: Capt.  Cook’s at the Polynesian

This Mouse family loves visiting the Polynesian Resort. The tropical sights, sounds, and smells are so relaxing. A Dole Whip on the patio isn’t half bad, either.

Unfortunately for this Mouse family, the Polynesian is not in our Minnie/ mini budget! Instead, we make it a priority to hop on over each trip to enjoy just a little taste of Hawaii.

We love to stop by the quick service here.  Capt. Cook’s has some delicious food at decent (for Disney) prices. Plus, they have a refillable mug station, so we can get more value out of our mugs!

Our favorite thing to eat is Tonga Toast. Huge chunks of sour dough bread, stuffed with banana, french toasted, then covered in cinnamon sugar. It is a must try, for sure!

When I started looking in to Avocado Toast at Disney World, this version from the Poly kept showing up as a favorite. Due to covid, most menus have been truncated, so it is currently not available. But, I’m sure it will be back soon! Take a peak at the post I read for more information/ photos on the real deal!

Photo from WDW News Today

I started with my keto white bread. Yes, multigrain bread would be more appropriate, but, I don’t have any! And I’m taking just one keto liberty on this! I toasted it twice, so that it would hold up well to the pile of toppings to come.

Then, I topped it with half of an avocado, mashed, then salted and peppered. This is what gives it the staying power to keep you going through long park days, or for riding the monorail.

Then I added an egg patty I created in a square Tupperware, using the microwave. For Mr Mouse, I scrambled one egg, cooked it in a small pan on low, added cheese to the middle, then envelope folded it into a square. From pictures, it looks like Disney makes an omelet with just cheddar filling.  The three most important things, in my opinion, are 1. The egg is srambled 2. Cheddar cheese in it somehow 3. Just 1 egg per slice of toast. I did 2 eggs and ended up removing some egg, mid way through.

I topped with arugula, sliced cherry tomatoes, goat cheese, salt and pepper. I then drizzled my spicy sour cream over top. That was just 1T sour cream mixed with a few, or more, shakes if hot sauce.

This was pretty tasty. It was not my favorite of all the avocado toast I have made recently, but it was still a strong contender. The touch of spice from the mayo pairs well with the tang of the goat cheese.

Have you been to Capt Cook’s and tried the avocado toast? What did you think of it? If not, would you try to make it at home?


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