Sharpie Mickey Tie Dye!

Have you ever been swimming at a Disney pool and seen the staff advertise Mickey Tie Dye? My kids are always begging to do it. As most Disney activities go, it is not the most affordable thing, especially with 4 kids! Thankfully, you can do it at home easily.

This is such a fun project! You don’t need a ton of supplies and you may already have everything around the house! You just need sharpies (while older ones will do, a fresh batch does bleed better), rubbing alcohol, and white fabric. We worked on tshirts and floursack towels, both of which we will wear/ use on our next vacation!

Gather up your supplies. You will want something to cover your table with. I broke boxes down and used those, along with stuffing shirts with plastic grocery and trash bags to prevent bleed through on some items.

As you can see, here we have 3 types of rubbing alcohol. The higher the percentage, the more blending and blurring you get. A syringe is great for doing controlled work. Mr Mouse found me a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol, though, and that made my art dreams all come true!

Draw your design! Whatever your heart desires. I found that using the side of the marker was better than using the tip for making more natural looking tie dye. Once your design is complete, either drop or spray alcohol over it. I have found that for more blurring, spritz everything with water first. That helps the rubbing alcohol drag the marker further.

Allow your design to dry fully before touching up if needed. To set your design, put your items in the dryer on high. Then launder as you normally would.

Also, you really want to work in a space with some air flow! Between the marker and alcohol, you get some fumes going! Vent your room!!!

For this shirt, I only drew on the front, then saturated the shirt. It brought the design through to the back in such an amazing way!

I love love love the back!

For this shirt, I drew only on the inside and let the color wick to the outside!

Such a fun hand or dish towel! Plus, peep my spray rubbing alcohol! We may have gone through a ton of it in the last few days!

Have you ever tie dyed with Sharpies? What designs would you make?


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