Star Wars week: Ronto Morning Wrap

After our Grogu Brew from Monday, I wanted to settle on a recipe more substantial for today. Something to munch while you sip away and binge Disney+. To the WDW restaurant menus I headed. Specifically, anything in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Ronto Wraps from Ronto Roasters caught my eye. The lunch/ dinner wrap looked delicious! Unfortunately, roasting pork off and putting together a slaw felt less than desirable. Also, breakfast is my favorite. I could eat breakfast all day, every day. Only Mexican food could ever begin to compare!

Ronto Morning Wraps!

Back to the Morning wrap. This wrap has: eggs (I’ve read Disneyland uses scrambled, while WDW uses an egg “patty”), pork sausage, shredded cheddar cheese, peppercorn sauce, all on grilled pita bread. It looked simple enough to recreate and like something my whole family would enjoy.

Having never eaten this, I needed to do some research. The most informative recipe I could find was from Resorts Gal. She really details the sauce out well, and I linked what sauce she used below. Through all my reading, I could not figure out the exact sausage to use, though. Many said that any old pork sausage would do. Nothing I could find in the sausage section of my grocery store seemed long enough, made of all pork, with a natural casing. I decided to take a few liberties and go with a DOUBLE sausage wrap: pork breakfast sausage AND a beef hot link, just to cover all my bases.

Recipe from Food Network

When making my peppercorn sauce, I followed the advice from several comments and did not add water. I also used white vinegar (I don’t have apple cider vinegar) and doubled the pepper. I let it sit in the fridge for a little bit, while I prepped all the other ingredients.

I chose Johnsonville beef hot links and regular Great Value pork sausages.  As other bloggers have said, feel free to use whatever sausage you choose! If you have never eaten a real Ronto Wrap, it won’t matter anyway!

I threw my meat in a pan on medium heat.  Once my sausages and links were closing in on the finish line of cooked, I then beat my eggs (2-3, depending on how hungry you are), added a pinch of salt, and dumped them into a well buttered pot on medium low. Once covered, they were cooked within 3 minutes, no need to flip.

Assembly was quite easy. I lay a pita bread on my plate, then slid the egg patty on top of it. I lined my sausages up along the center (I used 1 hot link and several breakfast sausages), overhanging the edge just enough to look enticing. I finally smothered it all in shredded cheese and peppercorn sauce.

If you have seen pictures of the real thing, I think you could appreciate how similar these look! Yes, my sausage isn’t spot on. But, it may actually be better! I can’t confirm nor deny that. And yes, my egg patty is bigger than my pita bread. Since when is more egg a bad thing, though?

This Ronto Wrap was amazing! The blending flavors of the sausage, the sweet/ tangy/ pepperiness of the sauce, tender egg, melty cheese, all in an edible portable wrapper.

Mr. Mouse gobbled it down quickly!

Don’t let V. Mouse’s look fool you into thinking she didn’t like it. No, this is the look of a savage beast devouring their prey!

Have you been to Galaxy’s Edge and sampled a Ronto Wrap? What do you think of our version?


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