Star Wars week: Park Inspired Grogu Brew Recipe!

Have you ever been to Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom and had Lefou’s Brew?

It is a deliciously sickly sweet chilled beverage made with apple juice concentrate, marshmallow syrup, mango, and passionfruit. It is chilly and refreshing on a hot hot day at the Magic Kingdom. And let’s be honest, most days there are hot hot hot!

On a side note, if you can find a spot in Gaston’s, I would highly recommend sitting down, having a snack, and taking in the sights. If I could only find my pictures from inside the restaurant on my camera! The imagineers did an amazing job making it look just like the movie, complete with Gaston’s massive chair!

I have yet to visit Galaxy’s Edge at Hollywood Studios. The photos I have seen are amazing, though! Remember the Star Wars movies where they drink blue and green milk? Of course Disney threw those on the menu at the Milk Stand, a beverage stand in the land.

As you can see, they describe this beverage as having zippy citrus and tropical characteristics. That said, from what I have Googled, most people hate it or are “ehh” about it.

I had a crazy idea tonight. Why not try to make some Lefou’s Brew using the individual packets of drink mix. I grabbed some green apple drink mix, heavy whipping cream, and marshmallow syrup. Next thing you know, I was sipping a gorgeous pale green drink that Mr. Mouse said looked like green milk, then dubbed Grogu Brew! The tangy green apple gives almost a tropical/ citrus flavor (of green milk), subbing in well for mango and passionfruit (of LeFou’s Brew).

The “recipe” is quite easy. If you have a 16.9 oz water bottle, drink about 2 ot 3 T of the water. Dump in the green apple drink mix (the Skittles brand is amazingly delicious), 1-2 tsp marshmallow syrup, and fill to the top with heavy whipping cream. Shake well. Serve over ice!

I get my syrup from Jordan’s Skinny Syrup, but I believe Disney uses Torini’s. Either is delicious!


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