Rumor has it: Playgrounds are back at WDW!!!

Aren’t you excited? Do you even care? Did you even notice they were closed?

We are thrilled! One of our favorite FREE things to do at Disney is to resort hop and enjoy all the different play grounds.

Playgrounds give the kids a great way to burn off all the junk food we let them eat! They can also burn off all the pent up energy from: being stuck in the hotel room and not being allowed to stomp around (Shhhhh! We have neighbors!), having to stand nicely in lines (Nooooo! Don’t lick that!), and from being in stores (Sorry, Mommy isn’t buying you ALL the things!)

Parents like playgrounds, too! At least I do. The kids can run free and I can relax on a bench for a few seconds until one of them gets a boo boo or needs a push on the swings.

When WDW reopened after the initial spike of Covid, playgrounds were gated off. We visited in August 2020 and were sad as we walked past the empty, lonely structures on Caribbean Cay at our beloved Caribbean Beach.

But, as we prep for our next trip in April 2021, I started searching the MyDisneyExperience app and was thrilled to see that all the playgrounds are no longer marked off as “temporarily closed”.

Have you been back to WDW since the playgrounds reopened? Which is your favorite?


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