Homemade Animal Kingdom Treats!

Have you ever walked through Zuri’s Sweet Shop at the Animal Kingdom and marveled at the yummy looking snacks? Decorated animal shaped cookies, dipped marshmallow sticks, candy apples, oh my! The dipped treats always look the yummiest to me!

Take a peak at the AllEars.net page dedicated to photos of Zuri’s sweets.

Thankfully, to get your “fix” at home, you can recreate a few of these yummy treats. Even better, they are pretty inexpensive!

You will need:

jumbo marshmallows, chocolate sandwich cookies, lollipop sticks, cupcake liners, candy coating in yellow/ brown/ white/ gray, candy eyes (optional).

Start by spearing your marshmallows. 3 going long wise per stick for giraffe & zebra necks and 3 going short wise for hippos.

Then, get your bowls of candy coating ready to go. As you can see, I ended up using butterscotch chips and chocolate chips for my brown. My hippo gray was mostly white with a little bit of dark gray thrown in there. Now would be a good time to crush up chocolate sandwich cookies if you would like to have your hippo nestled in some dirt like Zuri does.

Dip and decorate as shown. I did marshmallow stick hippos, giraffes, zebras. I also did giraffe and zebra “chocolate sandwich cookies”. Nestled into cupcake liners, they almost look like the real thing!

You can enjoy immediately once coating is set, as we did here. But, I recommend you let them sit for a few days! If you eat them right away, you get the flavor of candy coated marshmallows. Nothing exciting. As expected. But, if you let them sit, oh my! The flavors meld together into something greater than the sum of the parts.

As I was writing this today, V mouse saw the pictures and got so excited. We originally made these almost a year and a half ago! (The kids look soooo young). V’s question: “Can we make those at Disney this next time?!?!”… You will probably see them again soon! But that’s OK! These babies are quick, easy, yummy, and look impressive!


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