Lanyards & Magic Bands!

Our kids have lost more magic bands than I would like to admit. They pop off on a ride, fall off in their sleep and slide under the bed, land at the bottom of the pool and get forgotten. Ok, maybe those scenarios haven’t happened… but we are missing several!

This leads me to trying to come up with a solution. Do I buy more? Or do I work smarter- not harder, and find a new way to strap these devices to my children?

We should back this up and quickly talk about what magic bands are for those who have question marks above their heads right now. Magic bands are bracelets that you can purchase from Disney that have a little puck on them that can act as your room key, park ticket, form of payment at meals/ stores, and link photos to your account. Disney used to include these with your room reservation, but as of January 1, 2021 they are no longer “free”. We have had plenty of room reservations prior to that, so you can bet we have billions of bands (or maybe 75) floating around our house. The good news is that the little battery is pretty decent in them and you can use them for a few years!

Back to solving kid problems! Since the puck is removable, I have found some amazing options for what to do for the kids. My favorite by far is to put the puck in to a key chain device and hang it from a lanyard, necklace style.

Check out these Magic Band Buddies from BDIproducts on Etsy. There are tons of adorable options! While a bit pricey, they look super secure.

I’ve searched far and wide for great prices on lanyards to hang these from. Amazon, Shop Disney, and Walmart all have some, but for $5-7 each, I just can’t do it with the number I need to purchase! Dollar Tree had them at one point, but I haven’t seen Disney ones in years. I have even made them with ribbon, but I wanted to find something a bit sturdier.

Enter Party City! They have it all. Tons of fun little Disney toys in the prize section. Hair bows and Minnie Ears. Temporary tattoos in just about every theme imaginable. And lanyards! There were 7 or 8 designs at our local store. Sturdy enough to keep a magic band’s puck safe around your neck, sturdy enough to hold some pins for pin trading, but with an emergency release in the back (have you met T. Mouse? If anyone needs an emergency release on a lanyard, it’s this kid!)

Do you have Magic Bands floating around your house? How have you managed to keep them attached to your kids?


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