Welcome Back

Dear friends,

I would like to welcome you back. But instead, maybe welcome us back. Some may not have noticed our hiatus, but there was one. There was the birth of our fourth child. Then the pandemic. Disney World was closed. We were all stuck inside. I was not just being Mr. Mouse of the house. I added the title of Mr. Mouse, the teacher. Everything has hurt our “want to” with the blog, unfortunately. With that said we are excited to get back at it! Our next trip is slated for April, and the Mrs. and I can’t wait.

We will be working on (and have already tried) new recipes, using fun new ways to cook on the go. Spoiler alert: have you ever heard of sous vide? We also have a new way we prefer to get groceries and sometimes it is cheaper!

I hope you all are doing well. Please leave us a note! We have missed you. As always, if you need help booking your next trip, our friend Audra is always willing to help. If you need help keeping the price down, please read our back articles, and tune in to what is yet to come.

Mr. Mouse