Avatar birthday part 1

Our E. Mouse is about to have a birthday. She is going to be 7 years old! I can hardly believe it!

A few months back, we let her watch Avatar and that girl was in love! She remembered riding Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom and was enthralled. On our last Disney trip, she was reminded of how much she loved the movie. She kept asking us for every Avatar this and that from the gift shops. We don’t spend a ton of money on souvenirs, and we also tend to pack small, so that limited what she was able to get.

When we asked what she wanted for her birthday, “everything Avatar” was listed for us! And, she just had to have an Avatar cake. It needed to be chocolate with blue frosting and stripes and black hair. I’m assuming she wanted it to be a face? Mr. Mouse and I haven’t been baking much, though, since going keto. So we chose to go the route of a store bought cake.

Cake plan 1: The Disney store was having a great sale, so I added an Avatar play set to my cart. I hoped I could use the figures on a store bought cake. After I checked out, I noticed that shipping is going to take 2-3 weeks. Totally not enough time for her birthday.

Cake plan 2: I popped into our local grocery store to see if they had any Avatar themed cakes. As you (and I) could guess, they didn’t. After chatting with the kind girl behind the counter, we had the fabulous idea to do a photo cake.

Cake plan 3: In the picture above, you can see what we came up with. A photo of the landscape from our most recent visit for the top of the cake. Colorful flowers and swirls of green frosting to decorate. On part 2 of the party, I will let you know if we had success or a cake wreck. But, as long as it turns out, this was a pretty good plan to use a grocery store cake and jazz it up to our uncommon theme.

I was able to buy the toy she absolutely wanted in the theme, but it is in that whole 2-3 weeks shipping vortex. So, to add a bit of on theme fun to the day, I decided to create a shirt for the birthday girl to wear for her big day. It is an inexpensive tshirt colored with fabric markers I already own and bedazzled with glow in the dark puffy paint. For under $10, I think we did well! If you haven’t played with puffy paint and fabric markets, I highly recommend it. You can create some awesome shirts (and more) for very little money.

Ok, so our cake is off being baked. Check ✔. Our theme shirt is drying. Check ✔. What next?

No Disney event is complete without an awesome pair of ears. This time, we are going to craft those ears out of a black headband, brown felt, and adhesive craft foam. And of course more of that glow in the dark puffy paint! Why? Bioluminesence! It’s all over the movie. And all over Pandora land at Animal Kingdom. I tried teaching E. Mouse about it while we were there, but she decided that was she already had too much education for the day (we did virtual school that morning before heading to the park).

Disney has some awesome inspiration for Na’vi ears. I also found a couple pictures of headdresses from the movie and combine them to make these!

I lined the headdress with felt. Remember, it’s adhesive foam, so you need it to stick to something! Also, I added a few Na’vi stripes and that fun puffy paint.

Gifts need to go somewhere… stores don’t have Avatar bags. Rest assured, we can remedy that. Cheap blue bags, blue permanent marker, and puffy paint to the rescue!

While at the store, I grabbed green balloons, crepe paper, and a table cloth. I’m going to make some alien flowers out of construction paper and pipe cleaners. In our next post, everything will get put together for the final family party! I’m pretty excited and hope you are, too!

Have you ever had to get super creative with a theme?


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