Hello again, friend!

Hello dear friends! It has been a long time. Like a pandemic long time since we last posted. But we are back! The Mouse family has braved this new world. We have added another mouse to the family. And we are 5 days away from our next trip to Mickey Castle (aka WDW).

Things have changed a bit for our family since our last vacation. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Mr. Mouse had some higher blood sugars as well. So, our family made the difficult (but worthwhile) decision to drastically cut our carb intake.

This is going to definitely change the way we Disney! Of course, we will sneak a few cheat meals. You can’t go all the way to Walt Disney World and not have a treat or two. But, thanks to the pandemic, and Disney slowly reopening, there really aren’t that many restaurants open anyway. So Mommy Mouse is going to low carb cook for her family on vacation!

We have been testing out some tasty microwave options. As we post along our trip, we will have recipes for lower carb/ microwave: coffee cake, lasagna, brownies, and more!

Our Mouse family is looking forward to sharing our trip and lessons learned with you. We hope you enjoy following along with us.

Mrs. Mouse