Paper plate Mickey crafts

Mr. Mouse went on a golf outting and left 3 little mice and I to fed for ourselves. We decided to do some crafting! If you would like to craft along, you will need:

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks or liquid glue/ paint brushes
  • Tape
  • Crayons/ markers/ paint
  • Stickers
  • Coins
  • String or dental floss
  • Tissue paper/ guide maps/ any paper you can find, ripped into little bits

The great thing is that you can bring everything on this list along in your carry on bag! Just make sure your glue isn’t moe than 3.4 oz and your scissors are less than 4″ from the pivot point. But, to be sure, double check everything prior to packing on the TSA website.

Mickey paper plate wall hangings:

E. Mouse helped cut
Cut the center section from 2 plates
Place where you would like them with a larger plate
Tape ears to back side. Tape a piece of string across to hang it with
Use either a glue stick or glue/ paint brush to slather glue all over your Mickey head. Attach pieces of tissue paper
Look how proud V. Mouse is of hers
Once dry, trim around the grass to remove excess paper. Two complete Mickey wall hangings
Hang up in the kids room/ hotel room. Aren’t we proud?

Mickey Masks:

Cut a paper plate in half. Cut out a nose hole and two eye holes. Cut the centers out of two more plates. Cut two slits about 3 inches long along the both sides of the top rim of the plate. Slide edge of ear in, tape on back side. Tape a string to it to strap around your child’s head.
T. Mouse looks mighty fine!
So does E. Mouse
Kids getting crafty
T. Mouse used lots of stickers and a bit of crayon
E. Mouse used marker, crayon, and paint
V. Mouse used paint and a few stickers. I cut hers out after she painted.
Masks complete. Now to get an actual picture of the kids wearing them…

Mickey noise maker:

Fold a paper plate in half.  Trace a half Mickey head using whatever you have laying around. My tape and water bottle worked great.
Cut around the top of your Mickey outline. Add glue to Mickey’s face from the outside, then put a piece of pretty tissue paper on it.
Flip over. Add glue to the area about your Mickey head and glue the tissue paper down. Add a few coins. Fold in half and either glue or tape the edges shut.
Shake shake shake!
Enjoy all your paper plate Mickey crafts!


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