The perfect microwave scrambled eggs

I am one of those weird people who prefer microwave scrambled eggs to those from a skillet. I feel like they are not as dry around the edges and much creamier throughout. Plus, they are super easy. They are a great quick addition to your hotel room breakfast rotation. Check it out:

Put your eggs in a microwave safe bowl and beat with a fork or whisk. If you use a plastic bowl, it is helpful to spritz with cooking spray first. Cook for 30 seconds.
Take out, stir super well, cook another 30 seconds. Continue this cycle until…..
Once the eggs start to thicken, cook for only 15 second intervals between stirring and breaking down egg clumps.
When eggs are just under done to your liking, you can add a dollop of cream cheese or sour cream to slow the cooking down. If you microwave to your exact done-ness, the carry over heat will over-do them. I like to salt now to taste.
And there you have it. The perfect microwave scrambled eggs. My family gobbles them up. We make eggs a dozen at a time and everyone is still searching for more once the serving bowl is empty. Enjoy!


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