Now we’re cooking with gas… wait… microwaves!

Once we learned that the head cheese will deliver a microwave to your room if you just ask, my whole approach to vacation cooking changed! I got to thinking that silicone bakeware might just be the way to go. It is super light weight, flexible/foldable, microwave and oven safe, and non-stick.

In a microwave, it is hard to get even cooking. The outside is all cooked and random spots are raw or well done inside. When microwave cooking or reheating, ‘they’ (probably some internet guru) advise that you make a hole in whatever you are heating. With a bundt pan, you are doing just that, adding more surface area to what your cooking, helping you cook everything through at the same time.

After much deliberation, here is another of my recent prized Amazon purchases!

I have used this bundt several times and am really loving it. My microwave ‘baked’ mac n cheese has come out pretty well. I am still working on my perfect microwave monkey bread recipe before I fill you all in on it!

We haven’t explored this bread pan yet, although we are planning to make microwave meat loaf soon!

It seems very sturdy with decent structure on the sides.

And a nice wide variety of silicone spatulas. I always need more of those.

The only drawback from this set is that I don’t absolutely love the color. I wish I could have picked Mickey Red! But, I am still super impressed, especially for the price.

Have you ever microwaved in silicone? Do you have a set you love?


As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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