A quick Mickey wreath you can customize with the seasons

I have been wanting to do this craft for a while. I may have even bought the wreaths for it and lost them in my craft room, but I can’t actually be sure until that room gets a massive de-junking!

Today, the kids and I wandered through a few craft stores and I finally find a pretty good sale on wreaths, so I grabbed a few. Joann Fabric has all their spring flowers on 75% off, shop I added 4 bunches (for about $2 a bunch) to my cart. Ribbon was clearancing out at a super low price, so more ppd that in the cart. All in all, I think I put this together for about $15, but the awesome thing is that it is no glue, sho tpu can swap flowers out with the season.

You will need:

Coordinating ribbon

1 large, 2 small branch wreaths – the sizes are up to you. Grab a few in the floral aisle and play around until you find the right ratio


2 zip ties



Decide where you want your ears placed.

Thread a zip tie through the branches of the larger wreath.

Now thread through the branches of a smaller wreath.

Pull tight tight tight.

Cut off the end. Repeat with the other ‘ear’ wreath.

Gather up your flowers. Cut the stems off at the base. Bend the wire into a curve. Weave through the wreath. Continue until all the flowers have been added and you have an arrangement you like.

Loop a ribbon through the top, tie a little bow, and it is set to hang just about anywhere! Not bad for about 20-30 minutes work!

When you are ready to change your flowers out, just carefully tug on them until each one has been removed. Simple! And cost saving!

Have you ever made your own wreath? How about a Mickey wreath? Where should we hang this one?


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