Disney necklace kit!

Check out this super cute Disney Princess necklace kit!

I ordered it through Amazon Prime Now when we were at Disney earlier this month. We never got around to playing with it on our park free, split stay trip. So today, we pulled it out!

The plastic cords are actually super sturdy. They are just sticky enough to stop any beads if littles yank them off.

The pendants are big and adorable.

Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana, Belle, and Snow White

There are glitter, solid, flower, and heart beads.

The girls let me join in. Here is my fancy Belle.

And my sweet Tiana.

They are pretty short to be a necklace on an adult, but looped around twice, it makes a fun adult bracelet for playing dress up.

Little wrists do well to be looped around 3 times.

V. Mouse thinks it is fun to wear mommy’s necklace.

And to model necklaces and bracelets.

Note, on the Tiana necklace, I tied a knot on either side of the beads. That really helped keep it together nicely!

Then, she wanted to stack a ton on her neck! If only grown ups could get away with this look.

Such a sweet girl.

There is a cute cardboard background in the box.

It was fun to grab a picture of all the necklaces I made.

And a shot of all of the necklaces!

For around $10, we got a ton of fun and use out of this kit. It is really well made and I think we will pull it out often to play with!


As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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