Don’t forget your toothbrush – what you will find in your Disney Resort room

Every hotel chain has different items they leave in the room for you. At Disney, you will find facial bar soap in the sink area and Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash in the shower, in locked dispensers. Likely, you will find lotion, and definitely you will find thin TP. Depending on the resort, you may find Aloe, a shower cap, or mouth wash, but I would not depend on that!

Outside the Disney bubble, if you leave a toothbrush/razor at home, a complementary replacement is usually offered. Unfortunately, at Disney, you will need to grab those replacements from the gift shop for a pretty penny.

Make sure you do not forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, comb or hair brush unless you want a pricey disposable Disney souvenir.

As for appliances, every room does have a mini fridge but it will not have a mini freezer attached to it. If you need more fridge space, read this article.

Some of the updated value resorts have coffee makers of some sort and all the moderates and deluxes will have them standard in the room.

You will find a small safe to store your valuables. If your child locks it, you will be able to get it open if you let the cast members at the front desk know. Don’t ask how we figured that one out…

Irons/ ironing boards can be found near the sinks. Hair dryers will be near by.


If you would like more help planning your Disney vacation, contact our friend Audra, a travel agent with Travelmation LLC, which is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. She can help you plan the vacation of your dreams at no cost to you!

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