The legend of the Mickey balloon

You are walking down Main Street at the Magic Kindgom and something in the sky catches your eye. A sweet, floating Mickey balloon. It calls to you with its jaunty bounce. You go to the vendor, excited, ready to pick your favorite color. You ask, “How much?” “That will be $10”, says the Cast Member.

This story can then go 2 ways. First, you hand over your cash (no magic bands or credit cards taken by these vendors), securely attach the string to your wrist or stroller, and skip away.

Or, scenario two, you walk away with your head down, sad because you can’t rationalize spending that much money on a balloon. Continue reading, though, because we think you might change your mind.

If you were the one to skip away with your balloon, you will probably enjoy that bobbing Mickey your entire vacation. It will greet you in the morning when you wake, beckon to you as you get off rides, and faithfully follow along as you trek hither, thither, and yon.

And then it will be time to go home. What will you do? He can’t ride along on the airplane with you as your lap child. You could deflate it, but then what do you do with?

This next option is oh so sweet. We call it the legend of the Mickey balloon. By passing the balloon on to another family right before you leave, your kindness can make their day or even week. To share in spreading a little pixie dust brings joy to you both.

Those recipients will pass him along, too. And they will tell the story of the amazing road this Mickey has traveled to get to the next family. Happiness will spread, all through that $10 purchase.

We were family three to get this balloon. The ear was starting to deflate, but there was still plenty of life left!

E. Mouse tried to pass him along to a family, but they were on their way to Animal Kingdom that day (no balloons allowed there). They were so grateful and impressed with her giving heart.

Mickey found his way to a little girl celebrating her birthday. It would be fun to be able to follow his travels and see how much further he went.


If you would like more help planning your Disney vacation, contact our friend Audra, a travel agent with Travelmation LLC, which is an Authorized Disney Travel Planner. She can help you plan the vacation of your dreams at no cost to you!

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