Mickey Ghost Halloween Decor

I love Halloween! And Disney… but I think you probably already knew the second part. When we were at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a few weeks back, we saw so much cute decor. Unfortunately, it isn’t in the budget. If I want Mickey decorations, I have to make it myself!

In the next few weeks, I will be posting some super fun/ cheap/ original Disney inspired Halloween decor. Today’s craft was inspired by our shopping trip to the Dollar Tree.

This post is going to take 5x longer to write than this craft took to make. Seriously. What you will need:

  • Dollar tree ghost. It has a super soft, long floaty, ghosty tail.
  • 2 tiny hair elastics
  • 2 toothpicks
  • 2 foam balls. Mine were 1.5″. You may want to go a bit bigger. I got mine at Hobby Lobby. They were 30% off. Maybe Dollar tree has something that would work. I just didn’t look.

Insert your toothpicks half way into the foam balls.

Take the fabric off the foam ghost base. Insert a foam ball into each side of the head… in a Mickey fashion.

Pull the fabric back over the head. Center the scary face.

For each ear, double loop a tiny child’s hair band around the foam ball.

And done! Wasn’t that insanely fast and easy? And cute! I made 5 of these Mickey ghosts in just a few minutes. For about $1.50 each, I can handle the price on these sweet Mickey’s.

What kind of other crafts would you like to see?


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