Puppy Dog Pals Birthday Party

This is less of a vacation post and more of a birthday party planning post. We are going to go with it, though, because 1. It’s budget 2. It’s birthday and we all have them 3. It’s puppy dog pals 4. Mr. T. Mouse looked so adorable!

Our T. just had his 2nd birthday. This little guy is just the sweetest man. He loves his puppy dog pals. We tend to stream it at bedtime for him and he snuggles right in! Let’s be honest. I love it, too. This show has it all. Action, adventure, cuteness, and NO WHINING! That is a seriously rare combo in kids TV.

Sadly, puppy dog pals aren’t popular in the party planning circuit. E.,V., and I ran into the party supply store to find about 40 different party ideas, none of which included Bingo and Rolly. Off to Walmart (or even the Dollar Store) to execute Plan B.

If your party plan idea is not popular at that time, this method works and is actually very budget friendly. Just pick a few colors from the theme and buy everything in those colors. I went with the $0.97 party supplies and focused on the colors of the dog collars. Bingo has a dark blue collar with a light blue lighting bolt. Rolly has a red collar with a yellow bone.

Then, as one of our presents, I bought the only on theme playset I could find. I plopped Bingo and Rolly on the teeter totter on top of the cake(we made our own by slicing a 9×13 in half and stacking it up, but you could use a store bought cake or even cake mix), set the rest of the playset on the table, and tada, the party was set! We even streamed the theme song off our Amazon Primemusic!

Kids parties don’t have to be insanely intricate. They don’t have to be highly themed. But a little bit of thought, effort, and a few dollars can go a long way to making the day extra special.


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