Whispering canyon cafe: menu and review

Lincoln logs out front are lots of fun.
Whispering Canyon Cafe is a table service restaurant at the Wilderness Lodge, located just a short boat ride from the Magic Kingdom. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are known for two things:

The kids have loved them each time we go.

Build a bigger tower!

1. Being rowdy. Just ask for ketchup and you will have an entire dining room full of customers bringing you bottles of ketchup. The wait staff is noisy, a bit sassy, and likes to have a good time. Little children join in the fun with stick pony parades around the tables. If you ask for a refill on your soda too many times, you may just be gifted with a giant mason jar full and tossed a stack of straws to make your own super long straw. The antics have kept us entertained both times we visited in 2019. I have heard rumors that this is the toned down version. That said, if you enjoy a bit of a show, you will have plenty of fun here.

T. Mouse could pass on the veggies. More meat please!

Rowdy stick pony parade.

2. The skillets. Just like Rapunzel wielded at Flynn Rider, but with food. Unfortunately, these “all you care to enjoy” skillets are more like if you went to a buffet, sat down, and someone else dished up your plate for you. Mr. Mouse and I were brought 3 ribs along with a few of each item listed on the menu. Let’s think about this. We like ribs & we like meat so 3 ribs just won’t cut it. When we asked for a refill, we got 2 more ribs. I can understand that they are trying to save on waste, but still! Give us some food! We are paying a decent amount for the meal and would really like to get our money’s worth. I do have to say that their mashed potatoes are amazing. They are buttery, creamy, and delicious. If I could eat a huge pile of those, my life might just be complete. But only if you bring me at least a half rack of ribs to go along with them. Don’t bring me chicken. Chicken is for sissies. I want the expensive cuts of meat, please and thank you! Rant over!

I’m a sucker for a good light fixture.

I have the current menu and pricing below. Do note that prices change at Disney on a whim, so be prepared to pay more. Also note that with your Disney Visa card, you can save 10% off your meal. Make sure you remind your waiter.

Three options for a breakfast skillet. Mickey waffles are always welcome!

I would assume that the kids would have to share whatever skillet you get, but I could be wrong.
We had this. The chicken is so so. The skillet used to be served with never ending corn bread. That stuff was amazing!
Three options again. It looks like they took Brisket off the first one. If that is the one you have your eye on, I might recommend going at lunch when it is about $10 cheaper.
The never ending milk shakes look like a good idea!

Have you ever eaten at Whispering Canyon Cafe? What did you think of it? Did you hoot and holler with the best of them? Did you leave hungry?


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